Nest Studio is a 1,400 square foot studio (24'x60') with a 15' ceiling located on the ground floor of warehouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn (dimensions approximately 24' x 60'). It's a perfect location for video and photo shoots as well as a holding space for crew shooting locally in Red Hook, Gowanus, and the Smith 9th subway stop area.
Amenities include:
– Ground floor loading dock access directly across from studio
– Street parking
– 24 hour access
– Kitchenette with full size refrigerator, water cooler, microwave, toaster oven
– Coffee maker with free coffee
– Blackout curtains
– Conference table
– Seating for 20
– "Meeting Swing" fits two adults (700lb capacity)
– Bluetooth stereo

–Rolling Z rack (professional grade, 400lb capacity)
–Portable Jiffy Steamer
–Conference table
–Client seating
–Bluetooth stereo
–Prop relationship with ACME Studio
–Custom set design available
–12' seamless in white, black, and gray
–Various grip, stands, appleboxes, sandbags
–4 V-flats
–Various Profoto lighting gear (see EQ List)
– Prop relationship with ACME Studio
– Custom set design available
– Woman-owned studio that is parent/baby/kid friendly
30 amps of power is available via 110w outlets, which is sufficient for strobes and fluorescent or LED continuous lighting. HMI or tungsten lights will not have enough power, will not work. 
Please reach out if you have any questions about your requirements, thanks!